Family Involvement Plan 2015-2016

We, at Spring Creek Elementary School, believe that when families are involved in their child’s education, schools work better and students learn more.  By working together, exchanging information, and sharing decision-making, everyone can contribute to children’s learning.

Our school will welcome families, offer flexible meeting times, provide transportation and childcare as needed, reach out to families before problems arise, offer challenging curriculum, create a safe and drug-free learning environment, organize tutoring and other opportunities to increase student achievement, organize mentor programs, and support families to be included in the school decision-making process. 

Our families will agree to have their children attend school regularly and be on time.  Parents will monitor their children’s homework completion, take the time to talk with and listen to their children, become acquainted with teachers, administrators and other school staff, read with younger children and share a good book, review the contents of their children’s weekly “brown” envelope (assignments, newsletter), volunteer in school when possible, participate in the school decision-making process, and always support the importance of education.

We will involve families by:

  • Working together to make decisions.
                        SAC (School Advisory Council)
                        School Improvement Plan
                        Annual Title I Meeting
                        Child Study Meetings
                        PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
  • Communicating regularly.
                       Translating in parent’s native language
                       Newsletters, flyers, brochures, school calendar, handbook and memos
                       Home-School Compact
                       School Improvement Plan
                       Community Outreach evenings
  • Providing information on student achievement.
                      Report Cards and Interim Reports
                      Student-led conferences
                      Parent-teacher conferences
                      Grade level assessments
                      FCAT and Stanford 10 Test results
                      Parent Link
  • Offering parent education and resources.
                     Links to Adult Education
                     Family Learning Center resources for parents
                     Bonita Springs Literacy Council
                     Roaring Readers
                     Families Building Better Readers
                     Parent Information Nights