PE is off to a great start in 2017, we kicked off the new year with some great Safety Programs:

The Army Corp of Engineers –Water Safety Campaign
The Corps of Engineers has participated in partnerships with other agencies concerned with water safety since the 1950s, and Corps safety experts were among the founding fathers of the National Water Safety Congress more than 50 years ago. Since the beginning of the water safety education program, drowning deaths at Corps lakes and rivers projects have decreased by 60%. Each year, park rangers and volunteers reach thousands of visitors with boating and water safety information, and visit local schools to teach more than 20,000 elementary school students important lessons about water safety.

The Florida Pedestrian and Bike Safety Organization
The Florida Pedestrian/Bicycling Safety Center promotes safe pedestrian and biking by providing educational materials and information to local area schools. Every child walks, and since the late 1800’s most children have ridden a bicycle for recreation or transportation purposes at some point in their lives. It is important, therefore, that children learn how to navigate streets and intersections, learn the rules of the road, and understand how to be safe when sharing the streets with automobiles. These skills will carry through into adulthood, helping to create active lifestyles!