Reading helps kids gain knowledge throughout school and life. How your child reads makes a big difference in helping them comprehend the text. Below are some reading comprehension strategies:

Before reading, your child should scan the material. What do they think it will be about? What do they hope to learn from it?

Ask questions
While your child is reading, they should ask themselves questions such as, “Do I understand this?” “What is it about?” “What happened?”

Solve problems
If your child doesn’t understand a word, sentence or concept, they shouldn’t give up. Re-reading and sounding out words helps.

After reading, your child can make a “map.” They can write the story’s title and surround it with five circles. In each one, fill out the who, what, when, where, and why of the story.

Test themselves
They can use review questions at the end of chapters to reinforce information. They can even make their own practice test.

Discuss readings
They can share their opinions and facts included in the text. “Did you like the ending?” “Why or why not?” “What was your favorite part?


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