Mandatory School Uniform Policy

Uniforms for Spring Creek Elementary are mandatory for all students PreK – 5th grade.

The school uniform policy is as follows:

Shirts: Solid color polo shirts with collars (no logos—unless it is a Spring Creek Logo). Shirts MUST be tucked in at ALL times

Slacks: Solid color (no cargo or thigh leg pockets) buttoned and fitted at the waist. Uniforms must be of appropriate size to fit the child.

Shorts/Skirts/Skorts/Jumpers: Solid color, adequate in both length (at mid-thigh) and coverage with shirts tucked in. 

Shoes: Appropriate shoes shall be worn at all times. Children are to wear closed-toe shoes for balance and safety. High heels, clogs, and flip-flops, etc. are not allowed. (No wheelie shoes allowed).

Socks: Students should wear socks at all times. Shoes worn without socks cause discomfort and excessive foot odor.

Belts: It is suggested belts be worn on pants that have belt loops. (Kdg. students are exempt from wearing belts) Belts should be securely fastened at the waist. Large Belt buckles are not allowed due to safety reasons.  

Sweaters/Jackets: Solid color (no writing or emblems) on sweaters or “Hoodies” are acceptable. Sweaters/Jackets can be worn in the classroom and on cool days to P.E. 

School T-Shirts: School T-Shirts may be worn on School Spirit T-Shirt Days.

All other dress code requirements already in our student handbook and aligned with the District Student Dress Code stay in effect.

Lycra, denim or spandex fabric bottoms or tops are not permitted. Clothing with logos, shirts with stripes, checks or patterns are not permitted. Jeans, jeans shorts and shirts without sleeves are not uniform attire. Shorts or pants with cargo style pockets are not permitted.

Parents of students not dressed in appropriate uniform will be called to bring appropriate clothing to school.

If you have any questions, please call 947-0001.