Dress Code/Uniform

Mandatory School Uniform Policy

The Uniforms for students are as follows:

  • Polo shirts (with a collar) in solid colors, long or short sleeve or button-down Oxford shirts in solid colors, long or short sleeve.
  • All shirts MUST be tucked in.
  • Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers and capri pants must be navy blue (no denim), tan/khaki or black only.
  • Shorts, skirts, jumpers and skorts are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Solid color sweaters or school logo zippered fleece may be worn in class or in the cafeteria, but sweatshirts, coats and jackets are to be worn only outdoors and not in the classroom. No jackets or sweatshirts with hoods are allowed.
  • Leggings are allowed under skirts or jumpers but must be solid color.
  • Camouflage clothing of any color is not allowed.
  • Per District policy, adornments that are attached (pierced) to exposed body parts, other than the ear, are prohibited.  Examples of prohibited adornments to exposed body parts include, but are not limited to, objects attached or pierced to the tongue, nose, eyebrow, cheeks, lips and teeth (grills).  Large size earrings and long necklaces are prohibited.

Policy At All Times

  • Due to outdoor activities, closed toe shoes shall be worn at all times.  Any shoe worn must be securely attached to the foot so that it cannot fall off.  High heels, clogs, crocs, flip-flops, and backless shoes, etc. are not allowed. Solid colored socks should be worn with shoes.
  • Apparel shall be adequate in both length and coverage.
  • Clothing must be of appropriate size to fit the child.  Oversized shirts, pants and/or jackets are not allowed.  Pants should fit properly and be fastened at the waist.
  • Articles of clothing or jewelry that could cause injury are prohibited.  Long necklaces are prohibited.
  • Any clothing, style or accessory of personal appearance shall not detract from the educational process.
  • Colored hair gel, hairspray, hair glitter or glitter body gel is not permitted.
  • Hair should be well-groomed, clean and an appropriate length.
  • Mohawk haircuts and colored or painted hair are not allowed. Moderately spiked hair is allowed. Designs in hair can be cut in no more than ¼ of the student’s head.
  • Make-up is not allowed unless it is for a performance and requested by the school.
  • Clothing is to be clean and in good condition. (If a student needs uniforms provided by school, please send a letter to the Principal.)

Any student not conforming to the District’s policy and/or the Spring Creek Elementary Dress Code will be required to call home for an appropriate change if the clinic does not have a change of clothing for student.