Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences
Posted on 11/30/2018

Have you ever wondered what a Student-Led Conference is or wanted more information about it? If so, we have an answer for you.

A Student-Led Conference is a meeting format where students and teachers prepare for the meeting as a team and then the students lead the conference while teachers are there to help them, if needed. This meeting format is a wonderful way for students to show their learning and be responsible for their own success.

Student-led conferences put the students in charge, holding them responsible and accountable as they present their work to their parents. Please be on the lookout for the times and days of this event.

It is important to be on time and bring your child with you, as this is a scheduled Student-Led conference and they will be the leaders of this wonderful event. During this meeting your child will share classwork, their data binders, daily procedures, and classroom routines with you. Children take great pride in this conference!