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Dear Parents,
The students have many terrific web applications provided to them through Spring Creek Elementary School to help each student enrich his or her learning experience. Parents also have access through the internet to students' grades, test scores, textbooks, and AR information.

There is an easy way for students and parents to access these websites. Launchpad has all the "apps" (similar to a phone or tablet) available in one place. Best of all, most of the apps will automatically sign in after the student initially signs into Launchpad using their username and password. This sheet will provide you with specific information on how to access the Launchpad as well as a description of some of the applications and websites available to students and parents.

There is also a Launchpad app to download called "Lee County Schools LaunchPad" that works exactly the same on most personal devices.

Launchpad Website:

Single Sign-on Username and Password: You can get this info from your child's teacher

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