Morning News

Student Run Daily News Program

 News @ 9 is the morning news broadcast on closed-circuit TV at Spring Creek Elementary. Each classroom on campus has TV reception allowing everyone on campus to receive updates about what is going on in and around Spring Creek. This can include upcoming school functions, new programs that are being offered, and who our Students of the Week are.

The news program is run entirely by our Students here at Spring Creek. They operate the cameras, control sound mixing and computer graphics and co-anchor with our Principal and Assistant Principal.

Students who participate learn the value of teamwork as they work cohesively to accomplish the task of publishing a consistent and entertaining morning news show. Students also take turns learning and using every piece of equipment in the studio so that they gain a better understanding of all the elements involved in broadcast television.

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Expectations and Requirements 

As part of the news team you will learn and participate in all of the positions that are responsible for putting on a great morning news program. These positions include:

  • News Anchor
  • Video Production
  • Sound Mixing
  • Camera Operator
  • News Director

To participate in our news program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at school by exactly 8:35 A.M. every morning.
  • You must eat your breakfast before you get to school. Because of our tight shooting schedule each morning, students will not have time to eat breakfast at school.
  • You must complete both homework and classwork.
  • You must not have any negative behavioral reports from your Teacher.